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Okay, so one day, I sit down at my system and I refresh the page on https://phpmyadmin/ to get the most up to date information from the database. I come to find that the page was blank! I get a white page with nothing in it. I check the source code, but the text is still there. I looked firebug, and there were no errors. Later, I checked apache's error logs, and they were blank (except for the expected warnings about an invalid security certificate), I checked PHP logs and there was nothing to be reported (on E_ALL &~E_NOTICE <- which I despise, btw).

I am not very keen on debugging phpMyAdmin because I realize that it had been written with the intention of PHP4 in mind. There was no separation between the logic and presentation in a MVC-style fashion.

Adminer is an awesome file. It pretty much does phpMyAdmin does except search.... and it's lightning fast! Not like phpMyAdmin that could take loads of time to generate all that HTML. I was a little skeptical that a single file could accomplish all of this, but it does, and in just under 250KB! To anybody who is having issues with phpMyAdmin and is looking for another lightweight web-based RDBMS, Adminer is definitely the way to go!



  1. You can check one more tool - Valentina Studio 14 Feb 2013 in the 5.0 version added support of mySQL/mariaDB , as well as SQLite, PostgreSQL. It is FREE. Works on Mac, Win and Linux. Includes not only db management but powerfull reports that work again on 3 OS.


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