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Yaba-2.0 Architecture

Yaba-2.0 is still in the works. This will come with an overhaul of the platform. I will still maintain as a public interface to the app for you to be able to "try it before you buy it". However, I am going to expand on how the architecture will lay out with regards to a self-managed vs a hosted version of this application. Ideas keep coming on how I can manage this and I am so excited to share my designs with you and get your feedback on the direction being taken. This is still something we can construct together and build a team behind the project if it becomes useful. Yaba Recap If you're completely new to the project, welcome! Yaba is Yet Another Budgeting App. I got sick and tired of downloading CSV files from all my banks and managing them in complex Excel books just to be able to visualize my data around my spending so I can budget more efficiently. I built Yaba as a means of organizing my transactions in a way that's different than m