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Setup and Install Monero(d) -- p2pool -- xmrig

Video Guide Text Guide Intro MineXMR is shutting down! What are we going to do?! OMG! Greetings and welcome to Kizano's FinTech where I teach you from zero to master in IT and DevOps. Nothing in this video is financial advice since I'm not a financial advisor. I'm an IT guy who's going to teach you some technical details about Monero as a service in Linux, the p2pool software to run the mining pool side chain and xmrig, some mining software that's required in order to start mining. Also, I trust you know the laws of your local juristiction. This is for education and information purposes only. If you're running short on time, feel free to use the timestamps below so you can get what you need and be on your day. If you found this helpful, it would be very grateful if you slapped that like button on your way out to ensure this video shows up at the top of search results for others seeking answers to the same questions I'm about to answer in this video. F