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Connect to Wi-Fi in Linux using `wpa_supplicant` and `dhclient`

If you're in a situation where you aren't using a NetworkManager of sorts, then this post will guide you how to connect to Wi-Fi using just two commands: `wpa_supplicant` and `dhclient` , okay, maybe a 3rd command called `wpa_passphrase` . Let's get into the details. Install Packages If you have never connected to a Wi-Fi network in Linux on this system before, you probably have some packages to install. For at least the packages described in this post, I'll give the commands to execute: Debian/Ubuntu sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install -y isc-dhcp-client wpasupplicant RHEL/RedHat/Fedora sudo yum install *help me in the comments section, please?* Create Wi-Fi WPA Key This first command using `wpa_passphrase` will allow you to create a Wi-Fi key that will be used to talk with your router. Checkout wpa_passphrase(8) when you get a chance. wpa_passphrase 'UVerse8654930234' 'myd0gN@m3!' Notice how I