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Kizano Cheesecake Recipe

I have searched and searched the Interwebs and have had a hard time finding the original recipe that just needed the right execution to pull it off. I'm blogging about this recipe because it's the closest I could find to the perfect cheesecake recipe based on a summation of many recipes out there. I'll advance notice you: Ingredients are one thing. The important piece to a perfect cheesecake is the execution! You must be exact with your measurements, order of operations and temperatures!!! I CANNOT stress this enough! Temperature is critical! Take all ingredients out of the frig at least one hour before starting. This is the base recipe. Once you get this down, you can add whatever you like for toppings or flavors. Ingredients Crust - 1 - 8oz package of graham crackers - 1/2 C brown sugar - 8oz unsalted butter - 1/2 C chopped nuts (pecans preferred) [1] Cheesecake - 2 - 8oz pouches of Philadelphia Cream Cheese [2] - 3 Tbsp sour cream - 3 Tbsp all-purpos

Linux: Change Name/Alias of a Bluetooth Device

So, after searching around, I didn't immediately find the answer. I hope this post proves useful to someone else searching for the same thing. I first came across this post on StackExchange . Then, I found this post on SuperUser . The gist of it: If you modify /var/lib/bluetooth/[CONTROLLER]/[DEVICE]/info , then it will modify the alias for the time being after restarting ( sudo service bluetooth restart ) and repairing to the device, it will yield the new name, but I noticed that it renames the device to its original alias after a few seconds/minute. Where: [CONTROLLER] is the mac address of your bluetooth controller (if you're only using the built-in controller and not an additional USB device, then you'll only have one directory here). Where [DEVICE] is the mac address of the remote device to connect and get metadata around the device. I discovered you could use `bt-device` to update the alias and it seems to be a bit more persistent than modifying the meta

MongoDB: db.collection.isView()

I searched the Internets and failed to find an easy answer to this, so I am hoping the search engines will point to this post to understand how to detect the difference between a collection and a view. Unfortunately, MongoDB-3.x does not have a built-in method called " db.collection.isView() " much like there is " db.collection.isCapped() ". You have to iterate over the collections in the extended format and filter out collections that are views. You can do this with the following query: db.getCollectionInfos({   type: {     $ne: 'view'   } }); This will output something like so: collections.cursor.firstBatch[0] { "name" : "collection", "type" : "collection", "options" : { "capped" : true, "size" : 100000000, "storageEngine" : { "wiredTiger" : { "configString" : "...>configuration<..." } } }, "info"