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DevNexus: I've Pair Programmed for 27,000 Hours, Ask Me Anything!

I recently attended DevNexus ATL this week, and officially being my first conference, I have to say - it was an experience. One of the conferences I attended was in the format of a Q&A session, where the presenter opened up a few talking points, and then engaged the audience by invoking questions in relation to the topic. I thought it was interesting to hear the different questions and perspectives people had on peer programming. We had a fair audience of about 40-50 people. So it wasn't stale or in lack of attention. I'm in the habit of taking notes during our meetings from work, so I just jotted down a few things while in the conference. Here's I've Programmed 27,000 Hours, Ask Me Anything!  by Joe Moore Q: If you're working with a strong developer, how can you not step on their toes to ensure a full throughput?   A: Stay neutral; objectively describe the situation     "The sheet of paper/ticket has the authoritative info - let's go with that"