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AI: Artificial Intelligence or Almighty Intelligence

In the world of AI, we are developing technologies that are getting better, faster, smarter, more efficient than ever before (at least, from an end-user's perspective). However, there comes a point where the automation can only do so much before human intervention is required, right? Will I Am, artist, philanthropist and futurist is working with a team to create AI that will be more life like and help in industries like call centers and customer support. The idea was to create a virtual AI with which one could interact for support on simple things. He says his goal is to add to existing business and industry today, but I think it might be more of a shift to different industries and businesses; we need to educate people to understand these new jobs they would be taking on. Human vs Automation One of the things I have observed with human behaviour is

RE: Stop Chasing Happiness -- Tom Bilyeu and Arthur Brooks

First off: I thoroughly enjoy the posts by Tom Bilyeu because he always has such insightful things to talk about in incredibile detail with his guests in an environment where they can be intellectually challenged and given the air and space to speak about things eloquently enough to get an intensely thorough understanding of the topic at hand without leaving you feeling like it's repetitive, overexaggerated, out of reach, nor too fast or slow. You can always enjoy a great story with Tom, so I encourage a follow to him on YouTube if you aren't already. Here's the video in question this post will address: Happiness is a Trap People tell you that you need to buy this car, get these clothes and look like this and act like that in order to be happy. They tell you once you have the perfect wife and the perfect home, you'll be in this perfect place of happiness and can simply do the same thing over and over again every day unto the end of your days and