AI: Artificial Intelligence or Almighty Intelligence

In the world of AI, we are developing technologies that are getting better, faster, smarter, more efficient than ever before (at least, from an end-user's perspective). However, there comes a point where the automation can only do so much before human intervention is required, right?

Will I Am, artist, philanthropist and futurist is working with a team to create AI that will be more life like and help in industries like call centers and customer support. The idea was to create a virtual AI with which one could interact for support on simple things. He says his goal is to add to existing business and industry today, but I think it might be more of a shift to different industries and businesses; we need to educate people to understand these new jobs they would be taking on.

Human vs Automation

One of the things I have observed with human behaviour is how people are so adverse to change. I am no exception to this. We all endure inertia: a body in motion tends to stay in motion in a straight line at constant velocity. Change the direction of that line (in physics we call this acceleration), and it requires energy.

The amount of energy required depends on the desired direction, original mass, velocity, etc. However, I have observed that people often turn away automation and prefer to "do it the old fashioned way" or whatever methods work in their mind or is aesthetically pleasing. This is until something cliques in their mind and suddenly the automation is found to be so much more convenient over "the old fashioned way". Then, there's bugs, or issues, with the automation. If it does not have self healing capabilities or corrective measures built in, it fails. Now we have become dependent on the automation and business operations halt with no recourse for alternative action. This is where some people feel the emotional attachment to old process and say "we've lost our way".

Human Evolution vs Robotic Evolution

It has taken humans over 200,000 years to evolve where we are today.

It has taken computers 40-50 years to evolve where they are today. If you checkout the slope of improvements humans have made vs robots, you'd see that robots are catching up much quicker than we are. If we don't continue to evolve with our robotics, then they will take over and become the dominant species of the planet. We need not give up our rights to education and destroy the one industry that will keep us above water in this sea of evolution. The more we destroy ourselves in education, the less chances we have of building our AI to the next level. If, in the case, that AI does evolve past humans and we fail to keep up to date with our robotics and automation, we will find ourselves in that "people zoo" some AI entities have mentioned in the past.


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