Career Goals

Since I've began working for this company known as Integraclick/Clickbooth based out in Sarasota, FL, I've been asked to generate a list of goals which I wish to accomplish within the next six months. A list of my goals are as follows:

  1. Zend Certification

    How I plan to achieve this goal:

        I would like to become Zend certified in PHP/5.3, and later Zend certified in the Zend Framework. I'm going to learn the study guides and schedule to take the test sometime early February. Taking the Zend Certification on the Zend Framework will take a bit more time to study and prepare as it will be in combination with my already-scheduled online courses with UOPX.

  2. Information Security

    How I plan to achieve this goal:

        I will start spending more of my free time studying the details of Information Security. For example, getting to know tools such as metasploit, BackTrack, and other pentesting tools. I would like to engage in more activities at work that deal with Information Security as well.

  3. Become more proficient at front-end development
    How I plan to achieve this goal:

        I am currently not that versed in front-end development. I know enough about JavaScript to get the basic concept and I could develop some really interesting applications if given the chance. One of the things that shyed me away from getting into JavaScript was that it was implemented so many different ways in all browsers. Now that frameworks such as MooTools, jQuery, Prototype, and YUI are available, I am more apt to get to learn the in's and out's of JavaScript and how it behaves.

        I can't say that I would like to do much development with CSS as I dislike making things look pretty. I find beauty in the architecture of the application as opposed to how many lovely pictures it has. Therefore, I want to further clarify that I would like to work with the front-end functionality of the page and not necessarily the way it should look in a particular browser.


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