Future Plans


So, you're all probably wondering what are the big plans for www? Ever since I purchased markizano.net, I wanted to build a place where people could come and see my work, I wanted to (with permission) keep working copies of my client's sites as an empty mirror or a sandbox for testing/viewing purposes. I would keep the applications in a virtual environment and reset the database on a timed interval. I wanted to publicly host code that I had written as an example of what I can do as a developer and also to keep for myself an archive of things I've published to see how I develop as a software engineer. How does my code formatting change over time? How does my architecture develop with each new release? What new concepts do I employ as time goes on?

I think I'm finally at a point where I can get my site to behave in the fashion I wanted long ago. I'll be using a CMS to create a front where you'll have the chance to view my work, my github, resume, blog, and whatever other trinkets and toys I decide to add to the application.


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