6-Month Review

So, about six months ago, I set myself a
set of goals
to accomplish about this time in my life. I think now would be a good time
to review those goals and see where I've come since then.

I set out to accomplish my Zend/PHP5.3 certification, more security-oriented programming,
and more front-end development. Since then, I have accomplished the goal of my PHP/5.3
certification, and I have started developing more applications that involve more javascript.
I have not quite yet gotten involved in more security-oriented programming, but that is
yet to come. I have to say I'm proud that I've accomplished what I have thus far and I would
like to continue this trend.

Goals for the next 6months

  1. Security-Oriented Programming

    I want to continue the goal of finding more security-oriented programming. Now that I have
    an opportunity with HealthPlan Services and dealing
    with the HIPPA standards, I think I will have a better shot at obtaining this opportunity.

  2. Kizano CMS

    I have plans to build a CMS
    that's unlike any before it. I've seen many a CMS before that
    were built on top of the Zend
    . However, I disagree with the implementation of these frameworks as
    they aren't really built to extend the ZF, but moreso, just use the ZF for a
    few components it has. I want to build a system that is truly built on top of the ZF
    and is made to actually extend the functionality given by it. Not only this, but I
    also want to build the first framework that actually follows ALL of the
    coding standards
    . Anyone is welcome to contribute to this project if they wish.

  3. Zend Certification

    Now that I've obtained my Zend certification in PHP/5.3, I want to obtain the certificate
    in the framework as well to tell employers that I do have a solid background in PHP and
    the ZF, and that I am very capable of handling myself in such a work of art.

  4. ZF Developer-Contibuted Modules

    There is a repository
    I'm hosting that I hope to contain a series of developers' contributed work. This work
    I hope to be modules, views and controllers that other developers have created and added
    to this project so that future developers can simply copy/paste these modules/controllers
    into their project and run with it instead of re-inventing the wheel.

There are probably more goals in my life that I want to accomplish, however, these are the
main goals in my life for this next six months. I think I'm going to break the tradition
of only having three goals in life, and just set a number of things I want to see happen
in my life within the next six months.


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