ytffmpeg-1.1.0 released!

The wait is finally over! ytffmpeg-1.1.0 is now available! This comes with a few new features and some tested workflows that streamline activities around video creation, subtitle generation and now with the ability to post the results to an SFTP endpoint!

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What is ytffmpeg?

ytffmpeg is a python project that was put together to automate workflows when it comes to video editing, subtitle generation and video composition. I refuse to pay for software on a license like Adobe Illustrator. Most of the awesome video editors out there were made specifically for a Mac or Windows and have little to no support for Linux. OpenShot-QT crashes too consistently to be used reliably. Also, personally, I find the GUI-version of video editing to be quite distasteful. It just doesn't seem like I can get the level of precision on a frame-by-frame basis like I can get with ffmpeg. Being able to drill down to the very frame of the video and make perfect cuts every time rather than a slider (try editing a 10-min video in-app on TikTok -- big fingers, tiny buttons). Kdenlive became slow and would crash when editing videos >~8mins...

Also, with my background in CloudOps/DevOps, I became accustomed to the idea of using configuration files to describe the final result.

ytffmpeg was designed to be simple enough to get started and making videos quickly, but also allow for the depth and complexity one may desire or need from more advanced operations. By having the full power of ffmpeg at your fingertips, but not necessarily requiring to learn all of the filters available in ffmpeg, let alone the chain of filters you sometimes have to put together because you changed one property of a video snippet. For example, having to reset the presentation timestamp of a snippet before concatenating a few streams together, or resetting the sample aspect ratio after scaling or cropping content. If that sounds complicated, don't worry -- ytffmpeg will take the rough edges off for you in due time with its simple configuration, I plan to make data structures take the place of the complex filter graphs to help you better visualize the results of your project.


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