SmartMeterTX Update (1.1.4 released)

I got tired of keeping track of how much electricity I'm using on a regular basis and SmartMeterTexas only lets you have access to the most recent 2 years of history records. So, I learned what it took to get into their API's and download the meter reads to store on terms I can control. In this way, I can see history longer than the last 2 years and make my own assumptions about my own data. It's my data, why not use it?

SmartMeterTX v1.1.4 is now available to help with this. Simply install the project, setup a cron to populate the database and you can visit the serverlet to browse the history in a local fashion. This depends on a MongoDB to be present in the environment and access to your setup. It also relies on Python with a few library dependencies. I hope you find it useful if you live in Texas and want to keep track of your electricity usage no matter your provider.

pip3 install smartmetertx2mongo
sudo tee -a /etc/cron.d/metrics <<<"0 2 * * * markizano /home/markizano/.local/bin/"

Once you have it installed and the cron setup, you should be good to go!


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