Git: Process

I'm really proud of the work that I put into this setup. I managed to get a single recording session done with two pieces of content that work for both YouTube and TikTok.

In these videos we talk about the Git process and take a deep dive into the fundamentals of how work get done. This is a lead into the Scrum process. Both videos were recorded at the same time with different devices in different orientations to make them available on both platforms. Captions were generated thanks to the Whisper library by OpenAI with some work done by an open source contributor, @guillaumekln

Please enjoy these posts on your platform of choice. YouTube contains the full un-abridged version of this while TikTok has a smaller clipped version to fit their 10-minute video limit.

@markizano.draconus Git Process: how work gets done in IT. #git #process #scm #software #computer #programming #sdlc ♬ original sound - Markizano Draconus

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