Gnome3 < NWM

So, with the recent upgrade to gnome3, I not pleased with what I see.

I have to install an extension for some of the most basic things gnome brought to the table from the get-go.
Configuration was insanely obscure, and I had to dig like crazy to remember where things where and how to invoke certain windows (which eventually drilled down to me just knowing which /usr/bin it was to execute it).

Aesthetics had compatibility issues - one day I'd load fine, the next, I'd get graphics errors and then gnome had to switch back to "fallback-mode" which was basically metacity with no compiz support :(
Now, I'm locked in a state where I can't get my extensions to load right and my windows are a vertical line again - great!

I'll admit, the design was a tad up on the traditional way gnome is built, but at least it was simple and got the job done.

Come with a baseline set of workable extensions that play nice with each other as a default set of the install, or at least recommend the package installs on first login, and I might flock back, but in the meantime, something else has my attention, and it's getting all of the love :3

World, meet NWM:
It's a simple, yet flexible piece of work that has the basic X11 bindings built right into our friend NodeJS.
Yes, that's right - you heard me :D


The wonderful beast that runs the world wide web, now in a window manager near you!
I've got a fork, and I like what I see - I can customize quite a bit here, and I think I'm going to go nutz with the events.

Go ahead fork it out, see what you think!


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