Complaints and Achievements

If there's one thing I notice about people in my day to day interactions, it's that people do a lot of complaining. No, this is nothing recent, but a collection of things I've seen over time in my years talking to people...

Do we have to talk about how much we hate our jobs?
Do we need to discuss the reasons why we're so tired all the time?
Do we HAVE to point out just how much of a drag it is to work?

Look people... If you feel so bad about life and what it is today, then why not go ahead and shove off and move on to the next thing in your spiritual adventure. In the meantime, those of us that actually want to achieve something will continue to get the fsck off this rock.

I want to talk about our achievements. I want to talk about our goals. I want to talk about our success.
Instead of talking about how tired you are - talk about what you're going to do throughout the day. Focus less on your fatigue and it will seem less apparent to you. "Out of sight, out of mind." Though, for that 14:00 crash in the day, I find a quick 15 minute nap is a much more effective way of fighting it than a 2-4 hour boxing match with your yawns...


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