Do You Fix Computers?

I often times get this question when I tell people that I work with computers. What's even more humorous is the number one complaint I see with most people is that it's slow...
I usually proceed with the next question: how much RAM do you have on it? Which is usually followed by "wat?" With a blank stare, or they will proudly boast about how little they know about computers, as if it were an achievement.
I wince as I ask the question "could you look on the box for this info?", which is followed up with "wat box?"
At this point a faceplant is usually issued as I explain the concept of RAM and how to obtain this info.

Since I've encountered a mass number if these questions and followed this conversation to no end, I think I'm going to change it up to avoid these questions and can get away with the excuse: "but... The Internet is much different from your computer...".
My new answer will be: I make the Internet work ^.^

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