Kevin O'Leary: Crypto As Software

Kevin O'Leary: "Crypto is Software"

I wanted to expand on his representation of crypto as software here. There seems to be some concern in the community around the idea of "who's going to be the top player in this space within the next 5-7-10 years?", you know? It's the mentality of who's going to be the top dog in the market and ... I just feel like this is somewhat of an anti-pattern.

One guiding principal of How to Be a Billionaire: Do business in a new way. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies certainly seem to be doing that.

With all this divergence of doing business from a centralized point of view wherein, "The Man" is leading the charge on the evolution of the company. We are starting to shift to something that's decentralized and supported by the community. We have seen a shift in the technology to decentralization and now we are seeing trends of this happening in business structures as well. How do you lead a company without being "The Man"???

My view on this is: It won't be one single crypto that Rules Them All™. This will continue to disburse across platforms as wealth is poured into new projects, tokens, experiments and much more!

As long as we, the users of cryptocurrency; the engineers, architects, investors, utility providers, etc; continue to diversify not just our investments, but also our use of these products, we can help fund the flourishing of many blockchains and introduce new ways to maintain wealth among all the blockchains!

I gather, there are two takes on this:

  • The side that wants to break things and run fast to develop something that'll 10x in the next year.
  • The side that sees the bigger picture and chooses projects that will likely be here to stay because their movement is much grander than what you can accomplish in a year.

I'm curious of who I'm attracting: What's your take on things? Are you looking for the next 10x in 2022? Are you beginning to see the grander picture and are looking at multi-year projects for investment over your next working years?

What are your thoughts? You can video reply below!


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