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I admit, I left that last post to be quite vague (but it got your attention, didn't it?). So let's address that in today's video!

Just like Linus from Linus Tech Tips says: Do you like FREE MONEY!?!?

Airdrops are just that! For participating in a network and being an early adopter of the technology, you can have coins dropped right into your wallet. Some of these airdrops are setup in such a way that requires you to claim those tokens.

Previous Airdrops

Previous notable airdrops include the Uniswap airdrop in which users of the Uniswap application before the airdrop received up to 400 UNI tokens just for making a decentralized trade on this DeFi application! In today's value, that's worth up to $7100 as of this recording!

ENS is another recent airdrop that happened to stumble upon the market. ENS is the Ethereum Name Service. Kind of like DNS, but for your crypto address. When I heard about this service that was coming out, I had to register markizano.eth! I didn't know it at the time, but they later come out with an airdrop. If you registered an ENS domain name before the snapshot was taken in October, you can claim your bounty at https://claim.ens.domains/

Currently, ENS is trading at $50 at the time of recording, so an airdrop of 50 ENS would be worth around $2500! That's a pretty good chunk of change for just registering a domain name on the Ethereum network!

Future Airdrops

If you want to hunt down future airdrops, you can navigate to https://coinmarketcap.com/airdrop/ There, they have a listing of the upcoming airdrops. Currently 13 are in progress as of the recording of this video. 2 more airdrops are coming soon and this appears to be new because they weren't there yesterday.

You can also follow VoskCoin on YouTube. Another source of potential airdrops would be the Coin Bureau. Tell them Markizano Draconus sent you, with love <3 =D

There are 2 airdrops I'm particularly watching out for and those include:

  • Zapper.fi with a potential ZAP token.
  • Metamask with a potential META token. Better snatch it before Facebook does!

Checkout zapper.fi - it's a blockchain cralwer that gives you a general view of your wallet and compatible with Metamask.

Install Metamask, the browser extension and experiment with some DeFi things and have some fun with crypto! Not financial advice, just some fun to have with crypto!

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