New Series: What's a Crypto?

This is an editorial edutainment post.


So, we are going to start a new series called: What's a Crypto? In these episodes, we're going to cover several cryptocurrencies. We'll be examining the project, their purpose, use cases, and how to apply some of the concepts we've covered on my channel.

Before we get into that, there are a few technical terms we will need to cover first that aren't directly related to cryptocurrency, but apply to technology on a more general level.

These include:

  • PKI: Public Key Infrastructure
  • Hashing vs Encryption

In our first two episodes, we're going to cover: Bitcoin and Ethereum!

We'll take a look at the Whitepaper, what it says and we'll look at some use cases. If there's anything else relevant, we'll include that as well. If you have any coins you want me to cover, drop a comment below!

If you're seeing this video, it means at least Bitcoin is live, so head on over to my profile and find the video with the poster label: "BTC" I'll label the videos according to the ticker symbol found in most exchanges.

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I have several coins on my list I plan on publishing so stay tuned!

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